10 Gifts ideas for traveler

It’s the Holiday Season and I want to share my list of the best gift ideas with you. I know that life choices can sometimes seem strange. They often have everything they want because they are satisfied with less. I want to share with you the 10 essential articles, with which I travel constantly or almost! Here is a list of ideas, but especially my 10 essentials that are with me on all trips. 

I hope to inspire you with this, and I wish you Happy Holiday! Mele Kalikimaka! Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas!


It’s the first item I put in my suitcase or backpack before going on a trip. I never leave home without bringing a portable charger, so this is definitely a to must-have. External battery or wireless power bank has become indispensable these days. Mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops, we travel more and more with our devices. There is nothing better to charge your cell phone, device or tablet while traveling! You can find them at a good price, but you have to shop them well, some are heavy and big even if very powerful, which can become very bulky when you travel light. Mine is thin and I can charge my iPhone almost 3 times and pretty fast. Eventually, I would like to buy a solar one, if ever this technology interests you.


It all depends on where you are traveling, but I often have a universal power adapter and current converter to charge my devices once in my accommodation. When you are planning a trip abroad, it’s important to know the type of plug and the electrical current in the country you are visiting. Otherwise, we risk not being able to take advantage of our electrical devices and also damage them. Me, I like to choose adapters that have multiple USB plugs, which allow me to plug in and charge multiple devices at the same time. There are adapters for many regions of the world and others for in single region, it’s up to you to see which one works best for you.


There is a huge selection of anti-theft bag, handbags, wallet, shoulder bag, backpack and more. For the past few years, I have never traveled without one of my anti-theft bags. I have several models; it all depends on where I go and how many things, I think I need on my days visiting. I must admit that it makes me very secure when I travel, especially in countries where there are a lot of pickpockets and snatching. Me, I like the collection of bags from those following companies, PacSafe and Travelon. There are more and more of them on the market and it’s definitely a must-have for girls and solo travelers. I never leave without one of my bags and my anti-theft wallet.


It’s definitely a must-have for all female travelers. For me, it helped me a lot to travel light, but especially with only a carry-on luggage. There is nothing more pleasant to travel 2 months in Italy with only a 40L backpack. I have to admit that without the compression bags and the cubes I would never have made it, especially since I was traveling in Europe in the winter. You will find all styles and I personally use different versions on my travels. I like the plastic compression bags that you just have to roll up to get the air out when I carry clothes, bigger and heavier. Otherwise, I really like cubes which allow me to store my clothes and be able to undo and remake my backpack quickly. I use the smaller one for my underwear, one for my leggings or shorts, and the larger one for my dresses. I also like having one more, when I move around a lot, I can sometimes make myself a cube for my next 3 days, so this is the only cube I take out in my next town or village. Yes, I admit, I’m a miss organization, in my life and even when traveling.


As a perfect miss organization, you can imagine that all my important papers are stored in one place. I also put a pen there, because it’s always useful at the airport or on the plane when we have to complete our declaration. Although these days, declarations are often filled out at terminals upon arrival at the airport. On my first trip, over 20 years ago, I had a photocopy of all my double-sided cards, but now I send the same thing to myself to my email address. Having lost everything after an attack in a taxi in Peru, I swear it’s very useful when you report to the embassy. I often keep a credit card and a little cash with my passport, which during the day remains very safe in my room and in this paper holder. It’s always safer to carry as little as possible.


Another essential for me when traveling is my waterproof bags. I have a few and different, one to protect my cell phone, a small black 2L for the beach and sometimes I bring the bigger 10L, when I go on surf trips or when I know in advance that I would do a lot of boats. Waterproof bags or dry bags can often float on water, which is a plus in addition to protecting against water and rain. I like the one for my cell phone on rainy days, at the beach or on a boat. My little black bag is big enough for my wallet, cash or other items that I want to protect from the rain in a day pack or very handy for a day at the beach. The biggest bag that can also be worn as a backpack, I bring it with me on surf trips, it becomes a day bag, and it can hold everything I need like my towel and more. The waterproof bag protects against water, but also against humidity, sand, snow and dirt, an essential to all travelers.


You will probably tell me that with a smartphone, you no longer need a headlamp. But for my part, I think it can still be very useful today. If we want to read or do something in a dorm without disturbing others and have our hands free, for an evening walk in less lighted places while allowing us to save our cell phone battery and much more. For the small amount of space, a headlamp takes up in the luggage, and above all, it’s really inexpensive. I remember once I wanted to walk to the gourmet restaurant on the island of Roatán in Honduras, a little away from the village of West End and my headlamp was very useful to me to show myself by passing vehicles, see where I was stepping and making sure there were no snakes. It also allowed me to see what was flying very low below my head… a dozen bats! An adventure I will never forget!

8 – PONCHO 3 IN 1 

I mostly travel with a backpack and sometimes I travel in the rainy season or in tropical countries where the weather can change very quickly. Having a poncho that allows you to wear your backpack at the same time is a must for me. There is nothing better than a travel poncho that keeps you dry even on a stormy day, but can be useful for something else, such as a ground sheet or as a protection over your head. Plus, it can be folded into a small bag when not in use. I don’t drag it on all the trips, just sometimes, depending on my destination, I bring 1-2 rain ponchos bought at the Dollar Store.


Travel locks are a must to have and I prefer numbered ones because I have a collection of keyed travel locks at home … without keys. I still have 3-4 adjustable combination padlocks and most importantly TSA approved. I like having several, the padlocks are always useful when traveling, to lock my bags at the accommodation, to lock my day bag that I carry with me and one more in case I need to use a locker. Sometimes you have to use a locker in museums, train stations, hostels, spas and more. It’s very important that they have the small logo that proves that it’s TSA approved, because this padlock allows airport security personnel to open the luggage without cutting the lock. A great gift idea!


There is nothing better to protect yourself from mosquitoes, malaria, dengue fever, large spiders and other bugs that like to sleep warm near us, than having a mosquito net. Why do I prefer to have mine? I find it more hygienic; I know mine is clean, without holes and an impregnated mosquito net. What does it mean? An impregnated mosquito net neutralizes mosquitoes by simple contact for a few years, more or less 3 years. After 3 years, you can buy the spray and the treatment again. Travel mosquito nets are compact and very useful in tropical countries and Asia. It’s definitely a must-have for all adventurous travelers.

I hope this will inspire you for your Christmas or for your holiday shopping to please all the travelers of this world. Happy shopping!

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