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Surfer Girl Around the World

My name is Genevieve and also known as Surfer girl around the world. I’m a french Canadian and I live in Montreal. I work in the cinema industry, I’m a property master in the art department. I appreciate my job, which allows me to be a freelancer and which gives me incredible freedom. I love learning new languages to communicate with the locals. I’m trilingual French-English-Spanish and I have a basic knowledge of Italian. What I love is traveling the world in solo and sometimes with my surfboard. I’m happy in the jungle of Costa Rica, in a bamboo hut on an island of the San Blas in Panama, on a wave in Waikiki, in a museum in Rome, in a Royal Palace in London and in a big city like New York. My list of destinations and countries to visit is still very long. I dream of visiting practically the whole planet and surfing all the waves in the world.

PS. Forgive my bad writing English… Mahalo




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